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If u agree the all terms and conditions then only we will start the operations for the u need give your conformation by word agreed then only we will start our operations if it start operations for any type of cancellations 2th party to be paid the money full If u agree this you’re going to one mission in the sky


· Helicopters: ‘Flying time’ means the total flight time i.e. the time from start up to switch off.
· Fixed wing: ‘Flying time’ means the total flight time i.e. the time from the chocks are turned on to chocks are turned off.

The signature of this quotation by the Customer shall constitute a binding offer. The acknowledgement of the signed quotation with a confirmation by Air Air Ambulance Aviation constitutes The Customer acknowledges on behalf of its Passengers,
and hereby warrants its authority to give such acknowledgement on their behalf, that no contract of carriage will exist between the Customer’s individual
Passengers and Air Air Ambulance Aviation, notwithstanding the issuance of a Passenger ticket by Air Air Ambulance Aviation Customer and Passenger shall remain jointly liable for the payment of the charter price and any additional costs for special catering, sub charter, cabin cleaning or other damages or losses caused by Passenger.

· In case of helicopters, in a day if the ‘Flying time’ is less than one hour; minimum charges of one hour of flying will be charged.
· In case of fixed wing, in a day if the ‘Flying time’ is less than two hours; minimum charges of two hours of flying will be charged.
· For ‘Non-flying days’ minimum charges for two flying hours will apply.
· All flights are subject to weather and any other restrictions imposed by civil aviation authorities from time to time.
· Flying hours mentioned above are only indicative and any diversions due to weather or the Air route not being available due to the decision of Air Traffic Control will be billed as per actual's in a supplementary invoice which will be prepared
after the flight.

MEDICAL CAHARGES Air Air Ambulance Aviation medical charges are apart from the traveling charges are define by Air Air Ambulance Aviation according the condition  of the patient it’s to be charge for the patient about the charge Clint can check before as well as its can vary but the client should labile to pay the medication charge

· For helicopter operations the following may be kept in mind:
a) All flights are between sunrise and sunset only.
b) For the helicopter to operate safely, flat, level and dust free landing sites will be required and these should measure 30
meters x 30 meters and should be free of obstructions like trees, poles, wires, etc.
Helped security shall have to be under your / user’s arrangements c) Accurate geographical coordinates (latitude & longitude) of the helped shall have to be provided by you at least 2 days in advance to facilitate planning and fuel positioning.
· Air Air Ambulance Aviation Charters hourly rates include provision of the Aircraft with standard crew, in flight refreshments, fuel, insurance, Air navigational, landing and parking charges.
· Detention charges in case of helicopters and Fixed wing, will be applicable if less than 3 hours are flown in a day.
· In case of overnight detention, the crew accommodation will have to be borne by the client. This is to be as per aviation standards.
· In case of overnight detention, if air Air Ambulance Aviation were to arrange for the crew’s accommodation. The same will be charged
on actual's
· In case of a helicopter, security arrangements at any helped other than manned Airstrips/ aerodromes would have to be arranged by the client.
· In case of helicopters and Fixed wing, aerodrome watch hour extension charges will be charged on actual's where
· In case of helicopters, Fuel Positioning Charges will be charged on actual's where applicable.
· In case of helicopters and Fixed wing, Ground handling charges will be charged on actual's where applicable.
· Customs charges (applicable to international flights) will be charged on actual's where applicable.
· Fuel and Insurance Surcharges, special catering requests
such as caviar and special wines or spirits. Any other special requirements such as limousine and satellite phone (this cost will be invoiced separately at cost, and reimbursed to air Air Ambulance Aviation by the Customer).
· The above quoted flight is planned with a standard flight cockpit. The duty time is restricted by applicable crew duty limitation regulations. Should there be any circumstances or changes in the flight schedule or routing, which exceed the maximum crew duty time, enlarged or second flight crew will be needed and invoiced at separate costs.
· Changes are always subject to availability of additional
crew. If a second cabin crew is selected it will also be invoiced to the Customer. Customer acknowledges that if air Air Ambulance Aviation has to use an extended crew, then there might be crew in the cabin during the flight and the crew rest area might be separated with a curtain. · Additional service requests and other non standard charges will be indicated separately in the quotation.

· The charter is confirmed subject to 100% payment in advance in cleared funds and availability of Aircraft. the payments has to be clear domtic operactions before the 3 working days, internamtional operactions payments has to be claer before 7 working days
· No refund possible after confirmation and receipt of paymentand requirments of the Air Ambulance Aviation .
This quotation is stated in the currency as indicated on the quotation. Invoices are payable in Indian Rupee (INR), unless another currency is indicated by Air Ambulance Aviation

This quotation shall, prior to acceptance thereof and the constitution thereby of a contract, remain open to acceptance for 2 days. A
quotation can be given by phone, email or fax.

The AIR ABULANCE COORDINATOR in command shall at all times be entitled to take all necessary measures for safety reasons. The AIR ABULANCE COORDINATOR t has the authority to decide with regard to Passenger's seating as well as baggage loading, allocation/placement and unloading. The AIR ABULANCE COORDINATOR decides whether or not and how the flight is operated. The same applies if the behavior or the physical or mental condition of a Passenger requires extraordinary assistance on behalf of Air Air Ambulance Aviation crew.

Liability: air Air Ambulance Aviation aviation will not have any liability in case the flight cannot be operated due to technical reasons, bad weather and any reasons beyond its control. It will however be
always reasonable.

· Up to 92 hours – No cancellation charges* on flying time , in cause apert from any operactional expencess will not be refunded · 48 hrs to 24 hrs –35 % of the value of the charter · Less than 24 hrs – 75 % of the value of the charter, Less than 16 hrs – 95 % of the value of the charter · No Show – 100% of the value of the charter * Note – · The balance amount will be with Air Air Ambulance Aviation and can be adjusted against future use to be consumed within 4 months. · First three hours of detention will be free, detention beyond this will be charged at R's.
5,000/- on an hourly basis. Overnight charges in case of helicopters, will be applicable if more than 6 hours are flown in a day.
· Overnight charges in case of fixed wing, will be applicable if more than 7 hours are flown in a day. · Overnight charges for the Aircrafts will be charged at R's. 25,000/- per night. · In the event of the Aircraft not landing at the scheduled destination then the Charter will be deemed to be completed at that location. In such cases Air Air Ambulance Aviation will endeavors to provide alternate
· If however air Air Ambulance Aviation has to cancel the charter due to technical reasons then air Air Ambulance Aviation will do its best to provide the customer with an alternate Aircraft of a similar or lower category. Failing which air Air Ambulance Aviation will refund the entire money within 14 working days.
· Post take off - If a flight gets cancelled or a diversion happens for whatever reason then the client is bound to pay for the flight time incurred even if the scheduled charter does not get completed.

· Up to 2 hours – No rescheduling charges · 48 hrs to 24 hrs – 20 % of the value of the charter · Less than 24 hrs – 25 % of the value of the charter · Subsequent rescheduling - 25 % of the value of the charter

· Any increase or decrease in flying time subject to the Minimum flying terms will be credited /debited to the customer. The amount will be vide a credit note and can be utilized by the customer within 3 months of the current charter.
· Any incidental expenses including but not limited to incremental flying hours not budgeted in the original quotation as a result of the customers request post confirmation will be billed accordingly
· All payment is in advance and any incidental
expenses incurred post take off will need to Be settled within 7 working days post completion of the charter
· All delayed payment will attract an interest penalty of 18% per annum from the last day of the credit period date agreed to.
· Air Air Ambulance Aviation does not take responsibility for deficiency
in services of third parties who have been contracted to deliver on services requested by a Client.
· At all point in time the operational control of the Aircraft remains with the Commander/Pilot of the Aircraft and his/her decision on all operational and safety issues is final
· The company reserves the right to take appropriate action against any passenger or his entourage who wilfully or negligently damage the Aircraft in any manner whatsoever.
REVISION OF RATES: · The company reserves the right to revise charter rates without prior notice. In case there is an increase in operational costs due to increase in landing, navigational and parking rates, government taxes, fuel etc Which is beyond the control of Air Air Ambulance Aviation
Passenger baggage weight is limited for flight safety reasons and varies according to between Aircraft type. Items determined by the crew to be of excessive weight or size will not be permitted on the Aircraft. · In case of helicopters, with full load a limited baggage not exceeding 5 kg's per passenger will be permitted. · In case of fixed wing, with full load a limited baggage not exceeding 10 kg's per passenger will be permitted. Dangerous goods, including but not limited to Firearms, explosives, inflammable items etc are not allowed by Law on air Air Ambulance Aviation Charter flights all disputes, claims, questions, or differences shall be finally settled by arbitration administered by the Indian court of law in Karnataka in accordance with the provisions of its Commercial Arbitration Rules.

Customers will need to report at least 20 to 15 minutes prior to departure at the designated reporting venue, uninformed delay of 2 hrs will be considered as ‘No Show’.SMOKING By law, smoking is prohibited on all Air Air Ambulance Aviation flights. an Aircraft type of lesser value with an adjusted price offer. · In the event Customer does not agree to an Aircraft of lesser value Air Air Ambulance Aviation may sub charter an Aircraft of equivalent value and charge any additional cost to the Customer.
· Air Air Ambulance Aviation is entitled to change the route, flight schedule, seating capacity and the maximum take-off weight if this is required under certain circumstances not caused by Air Am in.
· Air Air Ambulance Aviation reserves the further right to at any time postpone or redirect the flight or provide the Customer with another similar Aircraft at the additional costs of the Customer, in the event that the flight cannot be performed with the offered/booked Aircraft due to war, warlike events, infringements of a country’s neutrality, insurrection, civil war, civil unrest, riots, sabotage, strikes, blockades, lockouts, quarantine, hijacking, terrorist actions, requisition, confiscation, expropriation, seizure, weather conditions or other force majeure of any nature, technical reasons, detention or similar measures, accidents with Aircraft, or due no other factors over which air Air Ambulance Aviation has no control, or when the safety of the Passengers or the crew from the Aircraft can reasonably be assessed to be in danger, at the discretion of the captain or of Air Air Ambulance Aviation personnel.

AERO_ PASSNGER Medical Escorts** ** Medical escorts will take time for clearance (one patents ), after clearance its cant be cancel, this will be carried both carried scheduled and non scheduled flights operation to reduce the cost in various way. and even its can be multi stop and multi patent transfer from one helicopter to flight or wise versa , flight to other flights also for comfort and as well as to reduce the cost , mediff form clearance will as per the scheduled flights approval and the ability ,too critical condition will be not possible , Cancelation of flight will be justification of the rescue controller and no refunding of money total rescues charge , in cause air ambulance aviation will be spend the money will be there will not any refund at any point from beging of the to till last action for air ambulance aviation

All Passengers have to comply with any requirements (e.g. immigration, customs, agriculture, etc.) at each destination. Passengers have to be in possession of a valid passport plus, where necessary, a visa. air Air Ambulance Aviation takes absolutely no responsibility in case of non-compliance with any custom’s requirements by the Passenger(s).
Should Air Air Ambulance Aviation fly by order of a third party (brokerage), the broker and the Customer are jointly and severally liable to air Air Ambulance Aviation for the fulfillment of all payments. SEVERABILITY
Should any one or more clauses of these terms be found to be illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining clauses shall not in any way be affected or impAired thereby. APPLICABLE LAW
In the event of any dispute, claim, question, or disagreement
arising from or relating to this agreement or the breach thereof, the parties hereto shall use their best efforts to settle the dispute, claim, question, or disagreement. To this effect, they shall consult and negotiate with each other in good faith and, recognizing their mutual interests, attempt to reach a just and equitable solution satisfactory to both parties. If they do not reach such solution within a period of 60 days, then, upon notice by either party to the other,
· In the event of either party being rendered unable by force majeure to perform any obligations required to be performed under this Agreement, the relative obligation of the Party affected by such force majeure shall, upon notification to the other Party, be suspended for the period during which such cause lasts.· The term force majeure as employed herein, shall mean an act of God, war, riot, fire, flood, sabotage and acts and regulations of the Government of India or State Government or any local government.


* only for the non scheduled flights

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